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About ACES

The International Association for Emergency Care Training (ACES) is a non-for-profit academic institution founded in 2000 with headquarters in Canada & Argentina.

ACES is dedicated to Medical Education, Emergency Care Training, Safety & Rescue, and to promote programs among physicians and Health Care Personnel. Since 2000, the institution is continuously working to reach the highest standards in its field.

Its courses are internationally certified by AIDER Canada, AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) and PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization).

Due to the quality of the organization ACES has become a member with the International Training Network AIDER.

ACES has more than 3000 certified instructors in Canada, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama y Mexico. More than 30 different courses provided by widely recognized scientific and medical institutions are offered and taught by ACES.